Jax Tri Series Proves to be a Safety Issue

mark jaxOur very own outstanding CTC member, Mark Arlow, competed in the Jax Triathlon Series #2 race.  This series takes place on the sunny beach of Jacksonville, Florida.  Mark hit the sand and jumped into the brisk ocean water on 15 July.  There were a few hundred fellow triathletes that entered the ocean water with Mark.  Mark reassured us that even though there were quite a few participants there was ample room to move during the swim.  Once you exit the water it is just a quick little jog to T1 and then its off on your bike.  The support throughout the course was good and the course was nicely mapped out but there were some concerns with the safety of the course.  The bike course was a bit hairy at times with a reported 4 to 5 (or more) accidents throughout the day.  The bike course had a lot of small busy traffic circles with not many knowing how to properly navigate them which caused further issues of confusion and accidents.  Although the location is ideal with those living in the Savannah area this race did not fair well as being one to revisit due to the extensive safety issues presented during the bike course.  The organizers did an outstanding job with the after party but until the safety is looked into and measures taken to create a safer course then this one may be one of those, “compete at your own risk” and not one to be placed on a repeat list.jax tri