Jekyll Island Majestic Triathlon

On 13 May 2017 CTC members joined together for some fun-filled excitement at the Jekyll Island Triathlon.  This annual race offers two distances, sprint and Olympic.  This race takes place on a protected island paradise.  The absolute clean beauty does come at a price.  The athletes must pay the $6 entry fee to come on to the island.  If the athlete chooses to pick up their race packet the day before instead of the morning of the race they will be paying a total of $12 dollars so be mindful of that and bring some money.  The money paid is well worth the seclusion, cleanliness and beauty of this well kept up island.  There are quite a few hundred athletes that come from all over to take part in this race.  The safety and security of the course might be one of the reasons for the large turn out of competitors.

No one can ever have control over nature and that was evident the morning of the race.  The 18447638_10211614575467466_6907787261593379891_nocean water was a bit muddy.  The race director came prepared and had a specialized overhead sprinkling shower run through as the athletes came off of the sandy beach into T1.  The course was easy to follow in that the bike course was a large circle that followed the island’s outskirt perimeter.  There was little to no traffic which made the ride pleasant.  The bikers could gaze to their right at sun beams gleaming off the crashing waves.  The Olympic distance was a 2 loop bike course but who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery for a second time?   The run course was a down and back along the majestic Oceanside.  There were photographers along the course snapping keep sake photos which were FREE to the athletes.

Brian Evans, Mark Arlow, Jeanne Arlow and Armi Jamila-Tillery all placed in their divisions.  What an outstanding CTC showing!15937182_10154672862806355_1289828146577546409_o