Florida 70.3 Rolling Fun

ctc.fl70.3Our very own CTC Tremendous Threesome took on this race: Mark Arlow, Brian Evans and Brian Baranick.  Mark and Brain x 2 arrived at Haines City, Florida to compete in this half Ironman distance on 09 April 2017.  This race is just a few hours away from our home base of Richmond Hill, GA which makes it a great club favorite.  There were about 2,000 participants all clamoring to jump in the brisk cool water as the sun peaked over the horizon of the lake.  Although the beginning of the race is wetsuit legal with bone chilling lake waters the weather makes a drastic turn as the race progresses.  The heat was not too bad during the bike course but when the athletes jumped off of their bikes to take on the 3 loop run the sun and heat proved to be a bit rough to deal with.

The swim course was in the shape of a giant N which made it interesting and never a dull moment.  The many turns involved with the swim means that siting is a must to ensure that the athlete is on course.  The run from the shore of the lake to transition is an easy jaunt.  Brianflorida Evans remarked that the distance from the swim to transition was about 200 meters or so.  Mark and Brian both thought that the swim waves were perfectly planned.

The bike course was safely managed by Ironman.  The athletes found themselves navigating gentle rolling hills through the Florida roadways bringing the athletes safely back to transition and ready to take on the grueling run course.  By the time the athletes returned to T2 the heat had climbed a bit so it is recommended to remain hydrated.  The run course was tougher than the swim and the bike portions in that the athlete must complete 3 loops of a very hot and hilly course.  Mark commented that the run was extremely tough so be prepared.  Although the run course is a 3 loop course it does give spectators many opportunities to see their athlete and cheer them on.  The race finishes to a raving party filled with food, beer, music and vendors.

All in all this race is a good race and one to put on your to-do list.  Brian Evans said it best, “You’ve trained for it, it’s time to put your body to the test, just go for it. Every race is a good race. I live by the saying “Amat Victoria Curam” Victory favors those who endure pain. Whether or not there’s good support at a race, its your race, you know what you need to do for each race. Most all races have amazing support and volunteers, you will encounter a race or two where it’s not the best organized. But you can change that.” #findyourwhy