Jake Ruiz

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Jake is the membership coordinator and the secretary for CTC.  He is 41 years old but takes on the race courses like a 20 year old, conquering each one.  He has competed in a multitude of running races and found himself getting bored, wanting a new challenge.  One of his friends just completed an Ironman and after hearing about how much fun his friend had he decided to give it a try or rather a “tri”.  So, in 2016 Jake registered for the Ride on Ryan Sprint Triathlon and the Kiawah Island Olympic Triathlon.

When asked about the most memorable triathlon experience Jake replied with a smile: “Well since I have only done two triathlons (so far) I would have to say my most memorable race was Kiawah Island. The reason being, during my first race I was pretty nervous and just wanted to go as fast as I could without drowning, crashing, or falling down during the run. I was also thinking about what to do in transition and hoping I didn’t forget anything. Because of that I never really got a chance to take any of the race in and enjoy it. Two weeks after Ride on Ryan I crashed my motorcycle and broke my neck. I spent nearly 3 months in a neck brace and then physical therapy. I had about 3 weeks of slow low intensity training before I completed the Kiawah Island Triathlon. This time I took my time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Kiawah Island and really tried to soak in the fun of competing in triathlon. It was a great feeling to cross the finish after all I had been through that year.”

Jake loves being a member of the CTC triathlon group.  “The other athletes in the club are great. I enjoy the training we do in groups. Group training helps me stay motivated and push myself. The club also has awesome sponsors with amazing deals I don’t think I would find anywhere else. The club works hard to take care of the members and it show!”

His final words of advice to others thinking about doing a triathlon are: “Give it a chance. Triathlon is a great way to get/stay in shape, it’s challenging and it’s never boring. You get to meet so many people with amazing stories and be part of a pretty awesome group of athletes. It’s also a great reason to travel and see beautiful places. I would also advise to join a good club (like CTC) and train with experienced athletes if you can.”

Thank you Jake for being a part of our club!  We are richer having you join us!