• Camaraderie: CTC is a great place to find training partners, and experience camaraderie among friends, in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle accomplished through triathlon.
  • Workouts: CTC organizes regular weekly outdoor group workouts year round.
  • Social and Fun Events: CTC hosts several great social events.
  • Competition: CTC compete have a substantial representation and supporters in local triathlons.
  • Experience: If you are new to the sport a (newbie), you’ll find instant and sincere acceptance in our club. We were all once in your shoes.
  • Challenge: If you’re an experienced triathlete you can benefit from the challenging group workouts, and you may be able to help others with your experience.

Benefits for $50 per year membership

  • Social events and race support

  • Weekly Open Water Swimming (4x weekly)

  • Weekly group training opportunities

  • First-timer triathlon mentoring program

  • Pro level CTC race kits at discounted pricing

  • Hill On Wheels discount
  • Georgia Game Changers discounts
  • Roka discounts
  • DRC Sports Discounts
  • Ride On Ryan – Discounts
  • GORACE productions – Discounts
  • B&P PAINTING discount
  •  Arlow Real Estate Group discount
  • Edward Jones –  discount on select funds

Please mail membership check to: Coastal Triathlon Club, 335 Waterways Parkway South, Richmond Hill,  Georgia, 31324

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